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Reality Bites. Hope the Pepsi Pups Don’t

Right here, right now I have to go on the assumption that both Pepsi and their grant administration company, GlobalGiving.org, both know all about Lea Kaydus and her “organization”.  There have been a few of us doing our best to bring it to light.  Both companies have received letters and/or phone calls from founders/directors of nationally recognized service dog training organizations expressing their concerns and yet they continue to support Lea Kaydus.  Why is that?

Reality Bites.

Those companies, Pepsi and GlobalGiving.org, don’t want to admit that they have not properly done due diligence where this one grant is concerned.  The original grant, to provide training fees to place 10 autism service dogs, was a noble one but perhaps not reasonable especially as written.  Then there was the modified grant…Lea Kaydus claimed on her Facebook page that the grant administrators at GlobalGiving.org required her to modify her grant to cover the cost of tangible items such as facility improvements, and upgrades, kennel supplies, and other hardware, rather than the training fees she had initially requested.  GlobalGiving.org claims that we, all the people who voted to fund the original idea, have no right to know what is being funded or why the grant agreement was changed.  Not very transparent.

Reality Bites.

I will admit that when the idea of getting a service dog for my daughter came up that I did not know enough about service dogs or the proper training of a service dog.  I was lulled into a false sense of security by Lea Kaydus and the Siberian Snow Babies’ Animals for Autism program since Ms. Kaydus claims to also be a parent of an autistic child.  I wanted to believe the information posted on her web site, the information publicly posted in her “press releases” on PR Log, and failed to verify her claims.

Reality Bites.

In their attempt at the classic, yet very flawed CYA move, Pepsi and GlobalGiving.org have lent the credibility of their companies to Lea Kaydus and the “organization” that was known for a while as Animals for Autism.  For many people it is unfathomable that a company would just give $50,000 to someone without actually verifying their credentials.  I realize now that $50,000 is really not much money to a multi-national company that generates more than $300 million in retail sales daily.  Yes, that was $300,000,000 in retail sales DAILY.

Reality Bites.

Lea Kaydus cut all communication with the families she was “helping” with her endeavor so generously funded by Pepsi.  She refused to answer even basic questions.  She told me that our pup-to-be, Bella, was so highly trained at 4 months old that she could not possibly be of any use to anyone else if we left her program.  The Pepsi Pups at this moment should be almost one year-old and nearly full-grown.  GlobalGiving.org Chief Business Officer Donna Callejon has stated that when GlobalGiving.org conducted their “site visit” of the Animals for Autism facility they verified the presence of “about 20 puppies” at the facility.  Now Lea Kaydus has been selling puppies on PuppyFind.com at $650/pup.  The DOGS that were the Pepsi Pups back in March, 2011 must have been out for a walk at the time of their visit.  I hope that those DOGS are properly trained, able to resist the temptation to bolt that plagues even the most highly trained Husky, and does not choose to reprimand its charge for unpredictable behavior.  How would that go over with those folks who trusted Pepsi’s faith in GlobalGiving.org’s due diligence process.

Ms. Nooyi, would you be willing to bring a pair of these “highly-trained, autism service dogs” into the halls of your company to work alongside the members of the Pepsi Puppy Partnership(P3)?  After reading our stories, and comparing the sources of information, would you be comfortable knowing that these animals are guaranteed access into your corporate offices?  Is anyone in the upper management of Pepsi or GlobalGiving.org willing to foster a pair of these dogs for a month?  Are you willing to give such a public display of trust?  And yet our families are expected to do so even though we have been repeatedly lied to by Lea Kaydus and all those who had to have seen what has transpired.

Reality Bites. Willing to bet a “Pepsi Pup” from Siberian Snow Babies will too.

-Excerpt from the PepsiCo Code of Conduct


We are committed to the continuation of free
enterprise and the legal and regulatory
frameworks that support it. Therefore, we
recognize the importance of laws that prohibit
restraints of trade, predatory economic
activities and unfair, deceptive or unethical
business practices.
In all of our business dealings with
consumers, customers, suppliers and
competitors, we will:
• Avoid any unfair or deceptive practice and
always present our services and products in
an honest and forthright manner.
• Treat all customers and suppliers honestly,
fairly and objectively.
• Select suppliers based on merit, and make
clear to all suppliers that we expect them to
compete fairly and vigorously for our
• Compete vigorously and with integrity.

Entire PepsiCo Code of Conduct may be found by following this LINK.

PepsiCo expects its employees, contractors, agents, customers, and suppliers to promptly report any conduct or situation that she/he believes conflicts with this Code or violates a local, state or federal law to their immediate supervisor, Human Resources, or through the PepsiCo Speak Up line at:

1-866-729-4888 (from the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands)

If you feel this situation meets the reporting criteria I urge you to contact PepsiCo and make your voice heard.  If you would like to learn more about the families involved please start HERE.  Thank you for reading.

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