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Giving Thanks: Woodsprite

WoodSprite Organic Body logoToday I take a moment to say thank you to a wonderful company, WoodSprite Organic Body, it’s Founder & President, Jacquelyn Ramsey, and all the wonderful people who help make the magic happen there.

My wife has had a heck of a time with bad skin reactions to so many lotions and soaps.  Each of them has promised to be hypo-allergenic and for sensitive skin but so many of them she can not use due to a reaction to one ingredient or another.  Someone, and I don’t remember whom, recommended that she look for an olive oil soap and so began the Google search.  And it was here, in early 2006, that my wife found and ordered her first bar – it was an Oats and Almonds Organic Soap bar.  It was so much more than we dared to hope for…in short it was amazing.  This was an incredible find and much treasured.

We had just changed duty stations and I was stationed onboard a Los Angeles-class submarine home-ported out of Naval Station Norfolk.  Our sailing schedule was anything from predictable or regular.  We would be out for a bit, in for a short time, out again for a while longer, maybe a short cruise with the battle group, back in for some maintenance time and then getting ready to head out on the long 9-month Mediterranean deployment.  I wanted to do something special but didn’t get things put together and in a bit of a bind, and with a hint of desperation, I called WoodSprite’s toll-free number from the pier on my cell phone.  I explained that my wife had loved her first order, both the soap bar and the body melt, and that I was headed out on deployment and wanted to surprise her with a small package once a month while I was gone…and then came the tricky part…that I really didn’t know anything really about their products but if they were willing to help out I would really, really appreciate it.  I was asked for what I wanted put on the cards that would be delivered with the package and with a bit of thought managed to make up 9 months worth of messages.  And so it began.

  Each month a package would arrive at our house, full of wonderful organic spa products.  Luxurious olive oil soaps, luscious organic shea butter body melt, decadent bath bombs and wonderful goodness wrapped in a box with a hand-written card tucked into it.  There is no way that I could have done as well left to my own devices.  To each of you who had a hand in this, thank you once more.  I don’t think I will ever feel that I have been able to thank you enough.  Those boxes arriving in the mail were truly a source of happiness and brought with them a promise that it would be ok.

Jacquelyn Ramsey, Founder of WoodSprite, and Kim Simms, Chief Morale Officer, at the 2006 Emmy Awards Style Lounge

What a wonderful team of people, working together and making products that are just as amazing.  The following is from the WoodSprite website:

“But perhaps what truly sets WoodSprite apart is our unwavering commitment to ecological sustainability. It is at the root of all our efforts and the heart of our business. All people make a difference; every single day each of us makes choices which affect every other living creature. Whether we do so consciously or not, whether the effect is positive or not, we all have an impact. Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. It was this simple philosophy that gave birth to WoodSprite in the first place. And it is the philosophy which guides our business practices every day. We use only botanical and certified organic ingredients; never chemicals or other harsh fillers. We utilize recycled materials for our simple packaging. We use and reuse whenever possible, minimizing our impact on landfills and the waste stream. We also tithe a percentage of our company’s pre-profit income to grassroots organizations working to promote sustainable living, conservation, preservation and protection of wild or endangered creatures and places. We want the difference we make to be a positive one.” 

  I could go on and on about WoodSprite but instead I would encourage you to go to their website and see for yourself.  Look them up on Facebook or Twitter then “Like” and “Follow” them.  Give one of their amazing products a try at home.  Stepping off my soapbox for now.  Thank you WoodSprite!!

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