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Review: Smoky BBQ Goodness with a CRUNCH!

Smoky BBQ Wheat Thins

I was recently lucky enough to be chosen to try a sample of a new flavor Wheat Thin.  Now you may not know just how much I have always liked Wheat Thins.  They are perfect for so many different toppings or just eating plain.  The thought of adding a smoky bbq flavor to my favorite snack cracker just made it even that more enticing.

I was eagerly waiting for their arrival, the anticipation was almost killing me.

And then they arrived…that wondrous box of joy I found in my mailbox.

I opened the package, took out a handful and took my first, long anticipated bite.  It was a little bit of heaven.  I found a little cream cheese to finish out the party and set about to enjoy the rest of the day.  Fate had other plans.

It would seem that my 17 year-old son also found them even more irresistible than I did.  That was the last I saw of my delicious Smoky BBQ Wheat Thins.  They are all gone and I am now once again eagerly awaiting their arrival; however, this time it is their arrival on my local grocer’s shelf.

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Disclaimer: I did in fact receive a complimentary sample of Smoky BBQ Wheat Thins; however, all views expressed in this post are my own.




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